Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria: A Potential Tool for Arid Mangrove Reforestation

Bashan, Y. and G. Holguin

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The highly productive and diverse microbial community living in tropical and subtropical mangrove ecosystems continuously transforms dead vegetation into sources of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients that can later be used by the plants. In turn, plant-root exudates serve as a food source for the microorganisms living in the ecosystem, with other plant material serving a similar role for larger organisms, such as crabs and detritus feeding fish. This speculative synthesis of recent work on growth-promoting bacteria proposes that mangrove rhizosphere bacteria be used as a tool to enhance reforestation with mangrove seedlings. This can be done by inoculating seedlings with plant growth-promoting bacteria participating in one or more of the microbial cycles of the ecosystem.

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Peer-reviewed Article