Planting Density, Hydrodynamic Exposure and Mussel Beds Affect Survival of Transplanted Intertidal Eelgrass

Bos, A.R. and M.M. van Katwijk (

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Transplantation of eelgrass Zostera marina has become a promising restoration tool since natural recolonisation during the last century failed after massive mortality, due to a combination of a wasting disease outbreak and a sequence of human impacts. We studied the interactive effects of planting density and hydrodynamic exposure on the survival of transplants of an annual population of intertidal eelgrass. Eelgrass planted in open spaces within a mussel bed survived significantly better than transplants situated 60 m seaward of the mussel bed. Thus, mussel beds facilitate eelgrass survival. The insights into the processes affecting transplantation success will be of use in eelgrass restoration around the world.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Marine Ecology Progress Series