Potential for Using Facilitation by Grasses to Establish Shrubs on a Semi-Arid Degraded Steppe

Maestre, F.T., S. Bautista, J. Cortina and J. Bellot

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In this study, we analyzed the effects of S. tenacissima tussocks on the survival, growth, and ecophysiological features of experimentally planted seedlings of Medicagoarborea, Quercuscoccifera, and Pistacialentiscus in three sites in a semiarid region in southeastern Spain. Our main objective was to test whether S. tenacissima was able to facilitate shrub establishment in semiarid degraded steppes. Our results suggest a direct facilitative effect of S. tenacissima on introduced shrubs. This study indicates that positive interactions in semiarid steppes can be of particular importance for effective restoration in degraded semiarid ecosystems.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Applications