Priority setting for scaling-up tropical forest restoration projects: Early lessons from the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact

Melo, F.P.L., S.R.R. Pinto, P.H.S. Brancalion, P.S. Castro, R.R. Rodrigues, J. Aronson and M. Tabarelli

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Ongoing conversion of tropical forests makes it urgent to invest in ecological restoration on grand scales in order to promote biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services. The 4-year old Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact (AFRP) aims to restore 15,000,000 ha of tropical forest in 40 years. The approaches and lessons learned appear transferable, and could help achieve the global restoration targets. Fundamental prerequisites for success include: effective technology undergoing continuous improvement, ongoing teaching, outreach and capacity-building efforts, presence of local intelligentsia, maintaining a clear and transparent legal environment, and presence of effective economic instruments and incentives for landowners.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Environmental Science and Policy