Process-based ecological river restoration: Visualizing three-dimensional connectivity and dynamic vectors to recover lostlLinkages

Kondolf, G.M., A.J.Boulton, S. O'Daniel, G.C. Poole, F.J. Rahel, E.H. Stanley, E. Wohl, A. Bang, J. Carlstrom, C. Cristoni, H. Huber, S. Koljonen, P. Louhi and K. Nakamura

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Drawing upon examples in the literature and from our experience, we developed conceptual models and used simple bivariate plots to visualize human impacts and restoration efforts in terms of connectivity and flow dynamics. Human-induced changes in longitudinal, lateral, and vertical connectivity are often accompanied by changes in flow dynamics, but in our experience restoration efforts to date have more often restored connectivity than flow dynamics.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecology and Society