Recognising and Supporting Indigenous & Community Conservation: Ideas and experience from the grassroots (Briefing Note No. 9)

IUCN CEESP Briefing Notes

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Indigenous and community conserved areas (ICCAs) have emerged as a major new phenomenon in formal conservation circles, though their existence is as old as human civilisation itself. International policies and programmes, notably those under the Convention on Biological Diversity, require countries to provide them with recognition and support. There is precious little guidance, however, on how to do this in ways that strengthen the governance of indigenous people and communities, rather than undermining their initiatives. This Briefing Note attempts to provide some tips towards sensitive recognition and support of ICCAs. It addresses governmental and non-governmental organizations, indigenous peoples and local communities willing to engage in exchanges of experiences and mutual learning and active support.

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Technical Document

IUCN CEESP Briefing Notes