Reforestation in the Tropics and Subtropics of Australia Using Rainforest Tree Species

Erskine, P.D., D. Lamb and M. Bristow (eds.)

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This peer-reviewed book documents the lessons learned as a result of their experiences. It covers some of the history of rainforest reforestation and planting schemes, and the methods that have been used to propagate and establish rainforest tree species. It also presents growth rates for a wide variety of species planted in different regions, knowledge about the pests and diseases found in rainforest plantations and discusses the management challenges of mixed species stands. As the planting of rainforest trees has occurred in some of the most biodiverse regions of Australia the book also examines some of the ecological consequences of plantation design and the emerging issues facing forest growers who desire production and biodiversity. A portion of the book also evaluates some of the socio-economic issues which arose from reforestation schemes. Finally the book offers future directions for rainforest plantation research and insights into how our Australian experience can be applied more widely throughout the altered rainforest landscapes of the tropical world.

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Technical Document

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation