Regeneration of Native Trees in the Presence of Invasive Saltcedar in the Colorado River Delta, Mexico

Nagler, P.L., O. Hinajosa-Huerta, E.P. Glenn, J. Garcia-Hernandez, R. Romo, C. Curtis, A.R. Huete and S.G. Nelson

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It has been proposed that reestablishment of a natural flow regime on these rivers might permit passive restoration of native trees, without the need for aggressive saltcedar clearing programs. We tested this proposition in the Colorado River delta in Mexico, which has received a series of large-volume water releases from U.S. dams over the past 20 years. Our results support the hypothesis that restoration of a pulse flood regime will regenerate native riparian vegetation despite the presence of a dominant invasive species, but fire management will be necessary to allow mature tree stands to develop.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Conservation Biology