Restoration Ecology and Sustainable Development

Urbanska, K.M., N.R. Webb and P.J. Edwards (eds.)

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The problem of ecosystem damage is international; a recent estimate suggests that 43% of the earth’s terrestrial surface has a reduced capacity to supply benefits to humanity because of recent direct impacts of land use. The discipline of restoration ecology aims to provide a scientifically sound basis for the reconstruction of degraded or destroyed ecosystems and to produce self-supporting systems which are, to some degree, resilient to subsequent damage. This book looks at the main issues with a broad perspective, using case studies where appropriate and considering the economic and social context in which restoration is carried out. It is essential to reverse current trends by developing and using our knowledge of how to restore ecosystems. The book is therefore important for scientists, professionals in ecological restoration, landscape architects and environmental engineers, and more generally for those involved in sustainable development.

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Cambridge University Press