Restoration of Degraded Forest Land in Thailand: The Case of Khao Kho

Marghescu, T.

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This article outlines the progress of a tropical reforestation project in Thailand, beginning with an introduction to the history of the local land degradation and an early attempt at reforestation. Initial attempts to reforest the area encountered the following difficulties: a lack of acceptance by the local population, improper planting of trees in downhill rows leading to erosion, poor selection of trees and planting in monoculture blocks without regard to microclimate conditions. To improve restoration efforts, remaining forest plots were surveyed and a list of native species was compiled. The species used for reforestation in the project were diversified to include more than 30 native species which were then planted according to seven distinct site types (based on soil moisture availability, elevations, degree of erosion, and the degree of human influence and demand).

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Peer-reviewed Article