Restoration Pathways for Rain Forest in Southwest Sri Lanka: A Review of Concepts and Models

Ashton, M.S., C.V.S Gunatilleke, B.M.P Singhakumara and I.A.U.N Gunatilleke

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Restoration pathways are suggested that range from: (i) the simple prevention of disturbance to promote release of rain forest succession; (ii) site-specific enrichment planting protocols for canopy trees; (iii) sequential amelioration of arrested fern and grasslands by use of plantation analogs of old field pine to facilitate secondary succession of rain forest, and plantings of late- seral rain forest tree species; and (iv) establishment and release of successionally compatible mixed-species plantations. We summarize with a synthesis of the restoration techniques proposed for reforestation using native vegetation on cleared conservation areas and parks, and for the stabilization of eroded upland watersheds. We conclude with a comparative analysis with restoration work done in other tropical forest regions.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Forest Ecology and Management