Restoring forests: What constitutes success in the twenty-first century?

Jacobs, D.F., J.A. Oliet, J. Aronson, A. Bolte, J.M. Bullock, P.J. Donoso, S.M. Landhausser, P. Madsen, S. Peng, J.M. Rey-Benayas and J. Weber

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Forest loss and degradation is occurring at high rates but humankind is experiencing historical momentum that favors forest restoration. Approaches to restoration may follow various paradigms depending on stakeholder objectives, regional climate, or the degree of site degradation. The vast amount of land requiring restoration implies the need for spatial prioritization of restoration efforts according to cost-benefit analyses that include ecological risks.

STAPER categories:
  • D2: Adjust plans, expectations, procedures, and monitoring through adaptive management

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Peer-reviewed Article

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