Restoring Rivers One Reach at a Time: Results from a Survey of U.S. River Restoration Practitioners

Bernhardt, E.S., E.B. Sudduth, M.A. Palmer, D. Allan,J.L. Meyer, G. Alexander, J.Follastad-Shah, B. Hassett, R. Jenkinson, R. Lave, J. Rumps and L. Pagano

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Despite expenditures of more than 1 billion dollars annually, there is little information available about project motivations, actions, and results for the vast majority of river restoration efforts. We performed confidential telephone interviews with 317 restoration project managers from across the United States with the goals of (1) assessing project motivations and the metrics of project evaluation and (2) estimating the proportion of projects that set and meet criteria for ecologically successful river restoration projects.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Restoration Ecology