Salt Marsh Restoration and Creation: Ways to Global Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Castillo, J.M., A.M. Abbas and E. Figueroa

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Salt marsh restoration and creation are a necessity since this ecosystem plays many important social, cultural, economic and ecological functions and it has been destroyed or degraded all around the world. In addition, salt marsh creation and restoration may be used to affront the negative consequences of Global Climate Change and to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Thus, salt marsh bioengineering may be used to reduce deleterious effects of flooding events after torrential rains or the impacts of storms, sea level rise and hurricanes on coastal areas. On the other hand, the creation and restoration of European salt marshes using native species such as Spartina maritima (small cordgrass) may be used as a mitigation strategy.

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Technical Document

The European Conference on Ecological Restoration