Sand Barrens Habitat Management: A Toolbox for Managers

Raleigh, L., J. Capece and A. Berry

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This document presents a management toolbox for the application of disturbances to restore and manage rare sand barrens habitats. Although rare sand barrens communities are the focus of this report, the restoration and maintenance of sand barrens habitats may be similar to those found in other rare barrens types or managed habitats in general (e.g. old field maintenance). Described in this toolbox are the practical issues involving the use of prescribed fire (Section 4), prescribed grazing (Section 5), mowing (Section 6), clearing (Section 7), and herbicides (Section 8) to restore and maintain various habitats. In Section 9, using Martha’s Vineyard as a case study, these methods are tied together, looking at ways to use the tools holistically to achieve habitat management objectives.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

The Trustees of Reservations, Islands Regional Office