Science-Based Restoration Monitoring of Coastal Habitats

Thayer, Gordon W., Teresa A. McTigue, Russell J. Bellmer, Felicity M. Burrows, David H. Merkey, Amy D. Nickens, Stephen J. Lozano, Perry F. Gayaldo, Pamela J. Polmateer, and P. Thomas Pinit.

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This first volume contains a background on restoration and monitoring, stages of a restoration and monitoring plans, how to create a monitoring plan, and important information that should be considered when monitoring specific habitats. The second volume, to be published in 2004, provides detailed information on the habitats, an inventory of coastal restoration monitoring programs, a review of monitoring techniques manuals and quality control/quality assurance documents, an overview of governmental acts affiliated with monitoring, a cost analysis of monitoring expenses, a glossary of terms, and a discussion of socioeconomic issues affiliated with coastal habitat restoration.

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Technical Document

NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science