Seabed Restoration Following Marine Aggregate Dredging: Do the Benefits Justify the Costs?

Cooper, K., D. Burdon, J. Atkins, L. Weiss, P. Somerfield, M. Elliott, K. Turner, S. Ware and C. Vivian

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Given that it may be possible to undertake restoration there is a need to consider whether it is appropriate to do so. The purpose of this study is to try to answer this question through examination of a case study site (Area 222) in the Thames estuary, where impacts of dredging are shown to persist. Three issues are central to decisions about whether it is sensible to attempt seabed restoration following marine aggregate dredging. They include: i) necessity (e.g. a clear scientific rationale for intervention and/or a policy/legislative requirement), ii) technical feasibility (i.e. whether it is possible to restore the impacts), and iii) whether is it affordable (i.e. cost effective).

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Technical Document