Seed Provenance Matters: Effects on Germination of Four Plant Species Used for Ecological Restoration

Bischoff, A., B. Vonlanthen, T. Steinger and H. Muller-Scharer

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The use of local seed provenances is often recommended in restoration and habitat creation because they are thought to be better adapted to local habitat conditions. However, spatial scales and the degree of population differentiation are not well known and germination is often not included in comparisons between provenances. We analysed germination as a key trait of plant development in five provenances of four species used for ecological restoration on arable land (wildflower strips). Germination was tested under different conditions in growth chambers (early vs. late spring) and in the field (non-competition vs. competition). We also examined the contribution of non-genetic (maternal) effects to population differentiation.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Basic and Applied Ecology