Shrub-Steppe and Grassland Restoration Manual for the Columbia River Basin

Benson, J. E., R.T. Tveten, M. G. Asher and P.W. Dunwiddie

Publication Date:

This manual was prepared to help shrub-steppe and grassland restoration practitioners capitalize on the experiences of their predecessors and colleagues within the Columbia River Basin. It includes technical information that veteran shrub-steppe and grassland restoration practitioners in the Columbia Basin indicated were necessary for new restoration project managers to properly plan and successfully execute habitat restoration projects. In addition to providing general guidance, this manual provides specific recommendations, tools and templates to help people quickly take advantage of existing resources and contribute to the growing restoration knowledge base. Case studies are provided for a variety of restoration scenarios so that project planners can see what actions are needed, and learn from the experiences of predecessors as to what worked, how successful they were, what obstacles they had to overcome, and how they overcame those obstacles.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife