Soil Bioengineering and the Ecological Restoration of Riverbanks at the Airport Town, Shanghai, China

Li, X., L. Zhang and Z. Zhang

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Ecological, soil bioengineering, and traditional techniques were integrated to obtain a structurally sound, ecologically sustainable and socio-economically beneficial method for restoring the riverbanks at the Airport Town, Shanghai, which was the first project applying soil bioengineering to riverbank restoration in China. Soil bioengineering is the use of living plant materials to construct structures that perform some engineering and ecological functions and can provide an effective means for slope stabilization and site restoration of riverbanks. The restoration and management strategy was based on a plan to integrate the natural landscape using live staking, live fascines, brush layer, vegetated geo-grids and geo-gabions, along with native vegetation for riverbank preservation.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Engineering