Strategies for Nearshore Protection and Restoration in Puget Sound

Cereghino, P., J. Toft, C. Simenstad, E. Iverson, S. Campbell, C. Behrens and J. Burke

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This report provides: a strategic framework, a landscape assessment for large-scale protection and restoration of nearshore ecosystems, and a set of recommendations based on that assessment. These analyses were developed as part of the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (Nearshore Project). While these assessments are intended to organize and broadly guide the scope and focus of capital investment for protection and restoration of ecosystem processes in the Puget Sound nearshore, we anticipate that the effectiveness of restoration is dependent on the effectiveness of protections provided by regulation, education, and property acquisition. We anticipate there are multiple benefits for strong coordination between regulatory and capital projects work. These strategies reflect the collaboration of the local, state, tribal, federal, and non-profit partners engaged in the Nearshore Project.

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Technical Document

Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership