Stream Habitat Restoration Guidelines

Washington State Aquatic Habitat Guidelines Program

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The purpose of the Stream Habitat Restoration Guidelines (SHRG) is to promote process based natural stream restoration, rehabilitating aquatic and riparian ecosystems. These guidelines advance a watershed scale assessment of the stream system, establishing goals, objectives and design for restoring optimum sustainable native biodiversity, using principles of landscape ecology and integrated aquatic ecosystem restoration. While a number of specific watershed assessment, characterization, project design and construction approaches are presented in this volume, these guidelines do not offer a “cookbook” approach that provides every step and equation along the way. Rather, the intent is to provide readers with a comprehensive list of factors and criteria to consider, which are essential to make informed decisions when planning and designing stream restoration and rehabilitation work. Readers are strongly cautioned not to pluck and apply individual techniques from these guidelines without first conducting the necessary watershed and reach based assessments and analysis.

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Technical Document

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife