Sustainable Riparian Zones: A Management Guide

Arizpe, D., A. Mendes and J.E. Rabac_a (eds.)

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This publication is a compilation of themes related with the ecology, restoration and assessment of riparian zones. This guide is intended as a practical tool that will be very useful for managers and those professionally engaged in river and riverside conservation and/or restoration. This book aims to give the reader an overall view of what these natural systems are and how they function. This volume can be approached either in order of chapters or by singling out individual chapters as the reader’s own interests and needs dictate. It attempts to address most of the main subjects and aspects that affect the integrity of riparian ecosystems, always trying to take a broad view that will be applicable to the vast majority of cases. Nevertheless, a marked Mediterranean tendency is evident, owing to the origin of most of the authors and to the context in which it arose.

Resource Type:
Technical Document