Tree Plantations on Farms: Evaluating Growth and Potential for Success

Hall, J.S., B.E. Love, E.J. Garen, J.L. Slusser, K. Saltonstall, S. Mathias, M.V. Breugel, D. Ibarra, E.W. Bork, D. Spaner, M.H. Wishnie and M.S. Ashton

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The manuscript describes survivorship and growth of four native tree species on farms over five years in the dry arc of Panama. The manuscript also provides five year growth data for 61 native tree species grown at two experimental or “species selection” trials at two sites adjacent to farm sites and discusses growth in relation to local farmer species preferences. Native species can grow well on rural farms but growth and survivorship depend upon both local site conditions and farmer management. Rural farmers will stay engaged with tree planting projects over long periods of time as long as expectations are managed and extension services are provided.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Forest Ecology and Management