Understanding Eco-complexity: Social-Economic-Natural Complex Ecosystem Approach

Wang, R., Feng Li, D. Hu and B.L. Li

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Human dominated landscape is a kind of Social-Economic-Natural Complex Ecosystem dominated by human behavior, sustained by natural life support system, and vitalized by ecological process, which is called ecoscape. Its natural subsystem consists of Chinese traditional five elements: metal (minerals), wood (living organism), water, fire (energy) and soil (nutrients and land). Its economic subsystem includes the components of production, consumption, reduction, transportation and regulation. While its social subsystem includes technology, institution and culture steered by man. In dealing with this eco-complexity, the key issue is how to image the complicated interactions, how to simplify and integrate the diversified relationships, and how to develop a practical instrument for cultivating the sustainability in helping local people to help themselves. Based on ancient Chinese human ecological philosophy, the SENCE approach for eco-sustainability planning and management was explored, which requires holistic rethinking, institutional reform and technological renovation. A combinatory model consists of mechanism model, planning model, and regulation model has been developed through identification of its key factors, feedback and function, simulation of its partial problems, process and alternative policies, and inducing its technological, institutional and cultural innovation towards sustainability.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Complexity