Updates and improvements to the SER Restoration Resource Center (RRC)

Date: 4 March 2024

We are excited to announce updates and enhancements to the SER Restoration Resource Center (RRC). The RRC serves as a crucial knowledge hub, offering public and members-only access to the SER restoration database, which includes projects, resources, the SER business directory, and a compendium of academic restoration programs.

Database Enhancements

Our new database is aligned with both the SER International Standards and the Restoration Project Information Sharing Framework, enabling interoperability with other global restoration databases. The RRC aims to bridge research and practice, fostering knowledge-sharing among SER members.

To facilitate alignment and interoperability, we have added more fields and, consequently, more filters. The new database enhances interactivity between searches across four different categories (projects, resources, businesses, academic institutions).

Important Considerations

Please note that while filters differ in each category, searching in one category will yield relevant information in the other categories based on the selected filters in the initial category. Results may vary if you switch to a different category to begin your search.

Two important caveats:
  1. While the new database includes more filters, not all resources have been updated with relevant tags yet, so the resource database is best searched by keyword; and
  2. We are announcing the updated RRC to our members to help identify and resolve any remaining bugs.

As you explore the database, please email any issues that need to be addressed to keith@ser.org.

Uploading to the RRC

This is an exciting opportunity for you to consider uploading your projects and research to the RRC!

The more information available, the more useful the database becomes. Thank you in advance for contributing to this valuable knowledge-sharing resource.

SER2023 Conference Library

Additionally, we are pleased to inform SER members that the SER2023 conference library is now accessible through the RRC. The library offers on-demand access to over 700 oral presentations and symposia, daily plenaries from the in-person component, and virtual presentations, symposia, and workshops held in November. This is available as a members-only benefit.